Down with Douglas EP

by Cruz Jr

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written/performed by andrew quebral
recorded in santa clarita, california
mastered by warren hildebrand (

special thanks to gisela / laurel / nessa for all the help

stream for "free" soon on spotify


released September 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Cruz Jr Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: down w douglas
i hate you, and theres nothing you can do
till i'm through with you
i'm making you wish you were somebody else
because i'm the dream that wakes you during the night
and puts up a fight
and makes you hope that you won't wake up again
i'm the kid who haunts you outside and in
'till you're giving in
and giving up all of the people you love

i'll burn the bridge you're standing on
i'll huff, i'll puff, i'll fuck you up
and bring you down, right here where I am

I'm the ghost who keeps you on your toes
and nobody knows
you're playing a dangerous game again, because
i'm the guy who haunts you until you die
and you're gonna cry
and you will stay down as long as i am around
because you're my curse
my ainti-hero the ice in my pulsating veins
i promise you that you won't feel the same
you're the page in the story where you are the good guy again
that i am burning up in front of your eyes

i'll burn the home you're hiding in
i'll have my army find you and we'll tie you up
i'll live another day and you won't
you'll pay, you'll bleed, you'll do the deed and you will see
you did the same to me
Track Name: lullaby 5
don't try to fuck with us
we'll find you and we'll mess you up
don't worry my sweetheart
i'll hurt the boy who hurt you too

this world is finally mine
and he will do his time
and while my people lock him up
i'll go tonight so you are not alone

my mind is taking shape
my head's in place and you're not safe
cause i know where you are
you didn't make it very far

these are my final words
this ends my longest war
i'll say because i can
so pry the damage from my cold dead hands
Track Name: bury us in blue
do you know what we're here for
we came for you to make peace for you
and mourn for you where you reside
under the moon, where i'll see you soon

hate and hurt, a loss of words
a lack of pride in you're sorry eyes
a broken mind belongs to you
but we want it too, and we want to do
what buries us in blue

think i know what you're here for
you're staying down to stay safe and sound
on the ground, away with you
away with me too, would you want to do
what leaves us without you
Track Name: hate street
can you see what's killing me
other than feeling that i'm older
can you be what's killing me
because i'm losing it again

heavenly is killing me
with all the pieces that i kept

i can be what's killing you
in case you happen to relate, too
i can be what's wrong with you
but now i think that it's too late to

doctor said you're in my head
and that one day i'll just forget

heavenly is killing me
when all is well and all is normal
heavenly what's wrong with me
i think i'm losing it again

marylin, you're scaring me
with all the pieces that i kept