Happily EP

by Cruz Jr

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Stuart Williamson
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Stuart Williamson My favourite bandcamp find! I absolutely adore this EP and can't wait to hear what's to come. Favorite track: Guilt.
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ep of some songs written between '12-'15
performed / mixed / mastered by andrew quebral
recorded in santa clarita, california


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Cruz Jr Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Happily
When I'm just a bore,
when God hurts me some more,
will you forget me, happily
When I go on and on
on some stupid fucked up thought
just let me destroy me, happily
Never thought I'd know
how much it hurts to see you go
got people leaving me, happily
It all feels wrong,
the way you're haunting my songs
leaving me bleeding, happily

Kill a nihilist,
down an optimist,
and just be meaningless with me
Got a broken floor
that I don't walk no more
I'm here where the idiots sleep happily
Here's my final doubt
I'd rather go without
got nothing to say, happily
Raise your finest glass,
battles over at last
and I keep losing happily

Just stop making sense
For once let things be one big mess
I'll be yours truly, happily
While I'm floating down
to a hell that I call home
I'll smile up at you, happily
Track Name: Guilt
I'm a little jealous of your kingdom
And everyone inside
And everything they seem to do is right
And everything you need is delivered in the evening
By that fat, pink colored family

'Cause we cant take it, anymore than you can
Floating 'round in ecstasy, not me
'Cause we can't take it, anymore than you can
We can't take it, we can't take the guilt

I need some help from your god
I messed up this time, didn't I
And worst of all, he saw it all
I know I used to pretend like I was one of them
But what do I know, I'm nothing to them now

'Cause we cant take it, anymore than you can
Floating 'round in ecstasy, not me
'Cause we can't take it, anymore than you can
We can't take it, we can't take the guilt

About all those lost words,
And every little mark
And every little circle
And every false start
And every little failure
And every remark
What do I know, they're nothing to me now
Now what do I know, I'm nothing to them now
Track Name: Simple Song
Now you won't see me lose my cool again
Now you won't see me lose it all again
And when you're gone don't forget to change all your thoughts
Feel free to forget me if it makes it easy

Go on, I will, you won't

Go ahead
I think you'll be just fine again
Go ahead
I think you'll find your way again
And when you're back I won't be who you're looking for
I've changed, I admit now, but I still have my fun

Go on, I will, you won't

Gone is all, no single one can understand
Gone is all, forgetting everything you can
You're in her bedroom wondering if you made sense
She's changing hands and burning plans with someone else
So I can gladly say that I lost all along
and finish downing pills and writing simple songs

Go on, I will, you won't
Track Name: Savant Blood
This is the time and the year
Where it all disappears like no one else is near
This is the way that I'll say
I'm burning up in my place while dead angels hold my face
They take me far away and tell me that I'm okay

One mellow kid crossed the line
And lost his mind over time, the problem i wish was mine
I've seen the end of the sky
And lived off a happy high, saw it before my eyes
No one I knew was there, forgot them all everywhere
Like I don't have the guts for you, like you're busted and you're brand new

When I am finally king
I'll know what is right to sing, I will know everything
When I am done with my fall
I'll keep you against the wall, won't give a damn at all
While my enemy and me share a sweet memory
Of people i knew before that don't want me around no more
They'll all live in misery, and I'll do it all - you'll see