This Ship Better Sink

by Cruz Jr

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Stuart Williamson
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Stuart Williamson Albums like this keep me coming back to bandcamp. There's so many projects that I've fallen in love with and Douglas II has taken the crown. Heartfelt lyrics accompanied by mellow chords make this album absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough for your music. Favorite track: Death of a Clown.
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This album is the story of a crew who takes the leap, grabs a boat and sails off, away from the land of office jobs and devalued education, to the land of wealth, love, dreams, and success. They have to overcome some waves, storms, and fatigue before they reach their destination, but if its for the promises that they've made to themselves, they'll know its worth it. They'll make it, and they'll never look back.

Except in the end the storm sinks their boat and they all drown.


and kevin


released January 28, 2016



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Cruz Jr Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Heavy Headed
Oh my God, and oh well, and okay, i'm so over these same old days
And I'm ready to sail off for a minute, or an hour or two
Things better change. You better leave this stupid place
I'm taking over, I'm in control
And I'm taking myself far away someplace that I would rather stay

Today's the day where we disown all of our babies and our loved ones will stay at home
And we'll sell all of our things for a fresh sail for our brand new boat
Once night falls, we will be gone once and for all
we'll be on our own, and no one will know
That we left them all behind and all that matters is you and I
Rule #1, is to forget bad things we've done and laugh it all off, in the midnight sun
And remember that by leaving here we're better than everyone
Rule #2, is to forget the good things so you won't miss them when we're far gone
Pretty soon you'll see i'm right and there were no ways we could be wrong
Rule #3 is to smile because you're free from everyone who laughed at our dreams
They'll be sorry once we've landed and everything goes just as planned
Rule #4 is to keep rowing more and more so we move forward and keep our word
And we'll weather every storm till we're cozy and we're dry and warm
And everything will turn turn out great as long as we don't just sit and wait
So I wish you all the best and that we all find our time to rest.
Track Name: Like All Good Stories (Midnight Moon)
Here we go
Oh no
No way
Stay away
From here

So I
To go
From here

For now
I won't
Make a sound
My friend
This is the
Track Name: Deadest Head
One of my biggest dreams is trampling small things
So I can be set free, and I can leave you be
Nothing special I can note, leaving myself blue
That's fine cause so are you, that's fine cause so are you

Man with the deadest head forgets the things he said
And lives happy instead, and lives happy instead
Be happy just like him, let your lights go dim,
Fine the fun in numb, find the fun in dumb
Track Name: Lullaby 4
The ladybugs inside my bed
are putting bad things in our heads
and now they're goin for our throats

The caterpillars do the same
They're putting bad thoughts in our brains
Until we find another name
For all of these games that we play

Cause everybody sees it too
there's something eating me and you
and splitting us back into two

"Cause oh my god, we've lost our minds"
Something we both say time to time
When we're both leaving things behind
Or when we're losing things we find

I guess I was wrong all along
We're both not crazy after all
Again I'll be the only one
When things are all said and done

And oh, what fun this season brings
Its making us do funny things
Things could always be this way
But we threw it all away
Give me a chance to be okay
Track Name: Pushover
I'm going out, dreaming with some other sleepwalkers
Babbling on and on about their minds and their own lives
With my eyes shut I wander off and find another place to hide
Away from all those things I'll never need
I'll trip on rotten roots and I'll sleep in puddles full of mud
And feed off all those fake luxuries too
Cause now I swear this life's too fair and everyone's got answers
But they lie in the hands of the rich and dumb

Ankle through my noose, leaving room for no one else
While I'm up here i'm fine and I'm alone
Orbiting my own rock and singing my own tunes
While I'm up here I'm fine and I'm alone

Now that I am out here with everybody else
I can finally act normal again
Even though not one thing's done since I've got up and left
A little something's good for a change
And through it all,not one thing that I found here is exciting I'm sorry for once being so clear
I'm covered now in thorns and sticks from all these pricks around me I'm worried I've still got lots to fear
Cause now that I'm the bad guy everything seems so much nicer till I realize that I'm done
Whatever it is you're thinking you're still wrong and I'll still tell you its nothing, nothings in return.

Ankle through my noose, leaving room for no one else
While I'm up here i'm fine and I'm alone
Orbiting my own rock and singing my own tunes
While I'm up here I'm fine and I'm alone
but please tell me where you put my brain
cause all this stranger shit is making me insane
Track Name: This Ship Better Sink
I'm having a meltdown, this ship better sink before we all say things that we don't really mean
It's all flowers and pancakes and roses for you oh but maybe, just maybe, we'd like roses too
We can't drink we can't eat and we haven't had sleep, this week
But what's getting us down is still a mystery to me
So while your storm blows over waters that froze this boat
We won't move along till we admit we're wrong through song

We pissed in our beds and we threw out the dead and we drowned anybody who had lost their head
If anyone comes across any bad news we'll just sit here and wait till we got more to lose.
And God will come down and save my enemies, not me
And then he'll come down and save people I hate, just wait
Why we're still here isn't something I know for sure
But we will all drown the same water anyway today

There's holes in this boat and it no longer rows, or floats
We will all drown and no one will know why we died
If there's no remains they will forget our names, someday
All they will know are the troubles and thoughts we fought
The water will toss with the people we lost last fall
The winter will come and will leave all of us numb, as one
The weather will pass and we'll be someone's catch at last
They'll pack us in boxes and let us all mold for a while, till we expire
Track Name: Death of a Clown
What else is there for me to get,
What else is there for me to forget
The death of a clown
What else is there for me to know
Where else is there where i shouldn't go
Anywhere else

So I can know what I'm supposed to know
And I can be who I'm supposed to be

Cause everything's getting harder and harder and all we need is somebody to tell me
"life is too easy"

So I can have somebody new to be
I'm so glad that you all believed in me
Until I fell down
Into a hole where we all go
Into a hole that we all know
Too Goddamn well

So I can be somebody I should be
And I can know what I'm supposed to know

Cause everything's getting worse and worse and we just wanted to hear the words, "We'll be okay"

Cause what are we supposed to do with this hate
What trouble are we to make
For our own good
Cause every win leads us to a fail
And every color is turning pale
And rain turns to hail
So everybody just stay down
Everybody gather around,
the death of a clown